UNISMART: The cloud service
for telematic collaboration between operators and customers in Smart-Working
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For the Public Body, the Citizen and the Private Company

Electronic Signatures, Video Collaboration, Electronic Payment management and Legal Archiving

Simple and immediate functions

How it works

Virtual Front Office

UniSmart allows the customer/citizen to request an appointment, request/buy a service or define a practice; to sign related documents and pay a due amount: all via the internet using a pc, tablet or smartphone without having to install special software on their devices or download Apps. The Operator and the Customer can plan a virtual meeting and discuss in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Activation in just a few clicks

The Operator, authorized by the Customer / Citizen, can record the session and store the shared digital documents with legal value: identification session, identification documents, electronically signed documents and, where required, payment receipts and certificates of completion of the practices. All digital documents are automatically archived according to the law, both for the Company / Public Body and for the Customer / Citizen; those documents are also made available in the cloud through a portal and can be accessed with any device.

You are never alone

An audio-video session for remote collaboration or identification can be activated at any time. An agenda that can be parameterized with days and time slots chosen by the Operator, facilitates and optimizes video-collaboration sessions with Customers and Citizens.

  • Customer service (Help Desk)
  • Consulting services
  • Issuing of the advanced OTP electronic signature (if the customer does not have his own qualified electronic signature)

“Distance doesn’t matter,
but the desire to reach each other.”

(De Pascalis)